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Build a business that works for you!

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7 Passive (and semi passive) Income Ideas You Can Start Straight Away!

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Create freedom in your business

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Ready to ditch the inner B.S. & manifest like a badass, remove limitations, and rewrite your story? You are!? Fantastic! Then this is the home for you. We are all about sustainable success, and that begins with you doing the inner work so your outer work aligns perfectly. We've got your back every step of the way!

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It's time to escape the constant hustle my friend! Our digital downloads are designed to help combat burnout, fatigue, and overwhelm. Simplify and refine your business model with soul led strategies, digital products and passive income. Relieve the pressure, so you can keep making impactful income without exhaustion!

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 Successful Signature Program™. Your signature program is the heartbeat of your business, the foundation of your legacy, and, in my opinion, is one of the absolute best ways to grow, expand, scale and thrive in pretty much any economy! When you automate and evergreen it means your impact is big but your output is small - it's a win win!

"I have truly found my business confidence, unlocked lots of business blocks and found my inner fire. I'm moving forward free of self-limiting beliefs! This course has supercharged my business over the past month. I can not recommend this course enough!!"

Laura Gurney - Digital Marketing Expert

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You CAN build a business that feeds your soul, fills you with joy and elevates your world!


Digital Planners, Journals and Tools for Business Success 

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"Wow! The questions at the beginning helped me get laser clear on the steps I need to take in my business to move from 1:1 to a more passive income model. I knew I wanted a change but have been struggling to figure out what direction to go in - this workbook helped me tap into what I really desire deep inside & then create an achievable plan to get there! It’s also beautiful" 💕

Kylee Nelson

Hey there, fabulous friend! Welcome to M.R.B.

The mission here is simple: to help you build a business that works for YOU.  Maximising your impact whilst minimising your output, so you can keep doing what you love without burning out. Hooray!


What really lights me up is helping people who are juggling business with fatigue create scalable & sustainable businesses. Why? Because I believe, it is the key to having more money, time & energy, with flexibility and freedom to enjoy doing more of what's important to you.

Whether that's jetting off on a mini break or a sunny holiday, indulging in a middle of the day guilt-free bubble bath while eating a chocolate bar in peace (shhh ....don't tell the kids), spa days & shopping trips with friends, spending quality time with the family without feeling distracted or worrying about what to post on socials. Or simply resting because your body craves it and just being in stillness without feeling like you ‘should’ be doing work.

By focusing on your inner strategy—mindset, energy, and your well-being—while mastering your outer strategy—systems, content, and digital solutions—you'll unlock endless opportunities for sustainable success.

Why do the inner work alongside the outer work? Because my love, your business needs you, as much as you need it!


This is where we get a little more intimate, grab a cuppa, get cozy and explore the wilds of business with me.

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"With Awena's guidance I have found more clarity, a new sense of purpose, and feel ready to take up space in the world feeling confident and inspired!"

Sassy Smith

"I truly believe that growth is inevitable when you are aligned and living your truth."

- Awena McCormack

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