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Build a business that works for you!

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How to grow and Expand your online business 
without burning out - FREE Guide!

9x super effective proven strategies for business & self that get results

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Hey there, fabulous friend! Welcome to M.R.B.

The mission here is simple:


To help you maximise your impact (and income) whilst minimising your output with a Successful Signature Program, so you can reclaim your life & keep doing what you love without burning out.


I’m here to help you turn what feels like an overly busy & often chaotic business into a simple, scalable & sustainable treat. It’s all about enjoying success in self, health & wealth!


And I know just the trick to crack the nut!

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Ready to unlock the secrets to building a thriving business and reclaim your time and energy while still achieving your goals?

Let me guess...
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You’re a go getting multi-passionate entrepreneur stuck in a classic burnout cycle, exhausting yourself trying to do all the things with way too many plates spinning and your starting to run out of juice!

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Maybe you're still toeing the line between your 9-5 and your business, eager to go full-time boss lady but feeling overwhelmed and stuck in limbo land. You're wondering how to make it all work seamlessly.

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Or maybe your business has taken off booked out with 1:1 clients, YEAY, which is great for your bank account but no free time! You know that having passive income like a digital course, a membership or a group program would be the answer, but you're lost on where to start!

In any case, you're seeking scalable strategies to reclaim your time, restore balance, and boost your income without burning out.

Am I right, or am I right?!

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It can feel tough... I get it...

Business can feel impossible to get going, and there are moments when you just want to throw in the towel. But let's be real, giving up isn't even an option for you — you want this too much!

You doom scroll for hours wondering if you'll ever make it? And maybe, just maybe, you've caught yourself feeling a twinge of resentment because it seems like everyone else is effortlessly making millions while you're here, working your butt off just to keep your head above water.

I hear you and I get it. I've been right where you are, caught up in the whirlwind of online business, feeling frazzled and deflated...

But guess what? you're not alone. I know what's possible, and more importantly, I know exactly how to get there. I got you boo.

How I can help you!

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This is our flagship self led digital program that will teach you everything you need to build a Successful Signature Program. From idea creation, to process mapping and structuring, pricing and naming your program. To marketing, scaling and mastering the art of self preservation for sustainable success!

Don’t miss a thing...

Get the inside scoop, offers only available to members of our inside community

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Your Online Business Strategist, Multi-passionate C.E.O. and Neurospicy Mama with a fairly hefty obsession with all things signature programs. Pulling your expertise, knowledge and skills into a badass super sexy highly converting program is my jam!

You’ll also find me drinking tea with my besti endlessly coming up with business ideas (thanks ADHD) or with my head in a Pinterest rabbit hole planning multiple dream wedding scenarios - own up, you know you do this too ;)

I got your back...

With over a decade in the training industry, I've picked up a thing or two along the way ;). My online journey has led me to creating, launching, and running various group programs, memberships, plus hosting digital courses and sell-out retreats.


I've had the pleasure of working with global companies, apps, and helping my clients grow their businesses with signature programs, digital courses, CPD training programs, group programs, and more.


Now, they have a business model that’s simple, scaleable and sustainable — and I want that for you too!

Hi I'm Awena
From couch to certification!

There I was, a new and very tired mum, drinking (lukewarm at best) tea watching my baby crawl by my feet. I’d navigated and overcome postnatal depression and I knew my method could help other mums too.

Then... “OMG I can build a course or a program, and help mums globally!” - and yes, that was my first thought. In my old life as a therapist I had a vast tool kit, led multiple group sessions and trained hundreds of staff so it’s no surprise I went there.

Fast track to now and that original 6 pillar signature program has evolved into a CPD certification training certification which means I now train other professionals in using my method = bigger impact and income for my all!

Even better I’ve helped my clients to create and launch their own Successful Signature Programs leading them to certification programs, digital courses, group programs and memberships.

When you have the idea, own your expertise and craft a juicy signature program, the possibilities are HUGE!

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“I now have my digital course and the framework I need to achieve my goals and dreams!”

Susannah Rafelle

Life & business Blog

This is where we get a little more intimate, grab a cuppa, get cozy and explore the wilds of business with me.

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My fellow Coach, Business Owner,
Multi-passionate Entrepreneur
I see you...

Juggling home life with kids, health and a business.

Trying to leave your job to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.

Wanting to scale your busy business and create more space & income.

I am here to help you...

Build a super flexible and scaleable business so you can be there for your kids and make money without having to be ‘on’ all the time or burnout with crazy launches.


Go all-in on your business with a clear direction knowing your efforts will make bank.


Move away from the constant slog online towards a more passive approach to take the pressure of and reclaim your life!

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The Key...

Having a business that supports you when you're ill, pays for that holiday, and is flexible enough for you to hang out with your kiddo without stressing over what to post on social media or where the next client is coming from (or worse, feeling constantly guilty for not doing more) — now that's golden.


The best part of all this? Everyone has a signature program in them - including you my friend!

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Don’t forget to download your FREE guide!

How to grow and Expand your online business
without burning out

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