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Hey! I'm Awena


Welcome to my little slice of the internet.


Im a digital creator, creative ideas machine, mama to one fabulous human, Trainer, coach and chronic fatigue warrior.


I never did fit into the box in school or work, and not on the online space either! I tried for years to squeeze myself into what I thought I should be doing - and I did pretty well - but I wasn't happy, didn't feel fully aligned, and ultimately that version of success led to burnout. 


So, I do things differently now and have found out how much simpler  things can be when you stop trying to do what others are doing and listen to what you need. Build a business to fit you, not the other way round! That's freedom. 


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Awena McCormack

Online Business Strategist | Course Creator | Trainer 

NLP Master Practitioner | Certified Mbit Coach Matrescence Specialist

And most importantly, MUM to one incredible little human.

Surprising events

I didn’t start with a digital, scalable, business, training, and teaching other entrepreneurs how to do the same. In fact, I had no friggin clue about business! I was an OT and a mama with an idea and a determined mindset to achieve more, become more, and have more! More money, time, freedom - the classics.


Life is a funny little thing; you gotta roll with the punches, take risks and opportunities, trust your instincts, and follow your dreams. Let the unexpected become the expected, and you'll do just fine.


If you're ready for a business that offers flexibility, sustainability, and ways to make passive income, monetize your skills, and work alongside you, then I can confirm you've landed in the perfect spot!


Remember, success isn't a straight line—it's more like a rollercoaster ride. So, buckle in and enjoy every twist and turn!


What lights me up?

Helping female entrepreneurs streamline their offers and pull out a super achievable, actionable sustainable plan to streamline their business and generate passive income with less energetic output and more flexible options. Basically turning chaos and exhaustion into joyful and expansion! 

Does this sound familiar?
  • Feeling exhausted with the constant chase of 1:1 clients, the feast, the famine, the endless onboarding and following up.

  • Knowing you're heading for burnout if you don't make some changes fast. 

  • Wanting to generate passive income so you can take your foot off the pedal but keep making money. 

  • Wanting a more flexible business so you can work from anywhere, fewer hours delivery, yet make more money.

  • Wanting to streamline your business so you can focus on other things like your health, seeing your friends, renovating your home, being with your kids, taking more holidays… 

  • Have an energy-limiting condition such as CFS/ME, fibromyalgia, perimenopause, parental fatigue, ADHD, or any other circumstance that leads to brain fog, fatigue, low motivation…

I have got your back and I hear you. We got you covered.

The journey from then to now…

Over the years I've embarked on quite the adventure. I've launched successful group programs, created a certification program, ran online memberships, hosted sold-out retreats, and worked closely with some phenomenal clients—facilitating deep transformations, healing journeys, and bringing visions to life through courses and signature programs.


My journey began in 2018, following a long recovery from postnatal depression and what felt like a complete personality transplant and identity crisis.


A year into motherhood, I realized that the traditional 9-5 grind was no longer for me. I craved flexibility, opportunity, wealth, and the chance to be more than just 'mum'. I wanted to explore, live my purpose, and provide something incredible for my family while making money doing what I loved.


So I did, and all was going well…

But Then…

…..just as my business was gaining some serious momentum and about to tip into the promised lands, life threw me a curveball. I burnt out and quickly became chronically ill with the flu, followed swiftly by glandular fever, and everything came crashing down. Hello CFS/ME….


Suddenly, I couldn't take on clients, deliver workshops, parent my child, or even get out of bed.


Recovering from this setback wasn't easy. It took months of diligent self-care and conscious awareness to regain my strength and function. Living with conditions like M.E/CFS requires careful planning and constant attention to my physical and mental well-being.


Chronic fatigue is no joke—it can be debilitating and frustrating. However, with the right strategies in place, tailored to your needs, you can truly enjoy both your business and your life, with no limitations, only opportunities!

What changed for me? I did!

I chose myself and committed to inner work, shedding old negative patterns and aligning my beliefs with my desires. Through fierce, aligned action, I developed accredited training programs, streamlined my systems, and overcame numerous obstacles.


Despite facing hurdles like postnatal depression, ADHD, CFS/M.E., and the challenges of juggling motherhood, I not only found my own success but now have the privilege of helping others do the same.


So, my friend, believe me when I say: YOU CAN have a business on your terms, doing what YOU love, sculpted dynamically around you. You have EVERYTHING you need within you right now to create the life you want to live.

Knowing this and acting on this desire is THE KEY to achieving sustainable success in self, health and wealth. 


Weekly support and connection for growth in self, wealth and business

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