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Free Practitioner Tool Kit

5 Impactful Practices To Support Maternal Wellbeing

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A mama centred approach to whole self wellbeing in motherhood
Professional Training - Business Support - Matrescence Awareness

Are you passionate about maternal health and wellness?
Do you dream of creating more income whilst making a positive impact for mothers?

Join Our Accredited Maternal Wellbeing Practitioner Certification and Become a Soul-Full MAMA   Facilitator


Ready to make a difference? …..we start January 29th 2024

When you join before November 27th 2023 you will receive THREE additional bonuses!

  • Additional 1:1 Clarity Coaching session - creating space in your business so you're laser focused.

  • Access to the Success Master Plan Ebook - helping you to sculpt out a perfect fit business so you're ready to make impact and income upon completion

  • Extended Payment Plan of 8x £132 - making it super accessible before the xmas chaos. 

PLUS - You'll have access to module 1 from 27th November - putting you ahead of the game

and fully prepared and feeling ready to kickstart the new year with confidence and clarity. 

(5 month part self-directed, part group-session training £997 or 8 monthly payments of £132)

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"I cannot imagine anyone better to deliver this; Awena speaks from experience and the depths of her compassion and tool kit are vast"

- Laura Gurney 

Calling all Coaches, Therapists, Doulas, Birth Workers, Wellness Experts and Health Care Professionals who currently work with or desire to work with mothers.

This is for you if you want to...
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Be part of something bigger and make a significant impact and difference in the world

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Create a flexible & scaleable business that's adaptable to your needs, wants and unique situation

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Deepen your understanding of matrescence and unlock your potential, becoming a certified maternal well being specialist

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Expand your reach & help even more women through their journey into motherhood and beyond so they can step into their power & come home to self.

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Make more income doing what you love without burnout and limitation from only doing 1:1 work

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Learn valuable skills & evidence based tools and techniques becoming fully equipped to provide mothers with the essential support and care they need.

5 month training programme - £997 (payment plan available) - hybrid learning to fit around you 

Enrol before November 27th and take advantage of our Extended Payment Plan* - 8 monthly payments of £132 making it super accessible before the xmas chaos. 

Hi, I'm Awena

Founder of:

  • The Soul-Full MAMA® Method

  • The Maternal Wellbeing Practitioner Training Programme

  • MAMA Rocks Business™️


Occupational Therapist & Matrescence Specialist

Online Business Strategist | Coach & Trainer |

Course Creator | NLP Master Practitioner | Certified mBit Coach

Welcome to our training!
What is The Maternal Wellbeing Practitioner
What does this mean for you...

An opportunity to deepen your awareness and understanding of Matrescence and how you can support your clients through this transition. Making you the expert go to person in a field that's deeply meaningful, and so very needed in our economy.

You will be in a unique position to work with more women in varying settings, helping you to to broaden your opportunities, and increase your reach and your income.

You'll never be stuck wondering how to work with your dream clients, as this gives you a trusted process and a ready made framework to drop straight into your business saving you time and effort as we have done the hard work for you.

Because you'll know what your delivering and why, this will help to simplify your messaging, your copy, marketing and client experience so you can focus on doing what you do best - delivering your exceptional work to your clients.

You'll be part of a larger network of other practitioners, with regular support and up to date training's.

Its a practical, informational, educational, and super supportive training programme.
The Soul-Full MAMA® process offers you...

A modality & business model like no other, helping you to guide your clients through a powerful yet nurturing journey of self discovery, healing, and deep connection to self.


An innovative, dynamic and adaptable way to work with mothers in many niche areas.


For Example:

Postnatal Recovery


Doula Services

Mum support groups

Women Circles

Mother and Baby spaces

Returning to Work

Starting a Business

Career Coaching

Fitness, Wellness, Woman's Health and Nutrition

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Grow your business...

We have brought together a signature six step framework that encompasses a sequence of meaningful and purposeful activities designed to best support your clients in achieving their goals.


A done for you process that you can implement into your business straight away as:


  • group work

  • 1:1

  • online and offline

  • a passive income

  • in person.

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Our in depth and exciting training provides you with everything you need to step into the world as a Soul-Full MAMA Facilitator.

  • Business support

  • Peer support & Networking

  • Group Coaching

  • Tools and Resources

  • Blended learning to fit around you

  • licensed and trademarked product

Giving you the unique opportunity to start, grow and expand your on and offline business upon completion.


Something incredible happens when a woman becomes a mother as she enters a deeply transformational stage of her life, this is called Matrescence.

Huge psychological, cognitive, emotional, spiritual shifts occur.

A profound, magical and often challenging time where a woman begins to move away from old self and into a new version of self, this is the biggest evolution of her life and deserves the right guidance, nurture, and support.

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Our program is thoughtfully structured into three essential stages:

The Foundation:

 Building a strong knowledge base

The Practical:

Applying what you've learned


The Business:

Crafting a successful & meaningful venture.


With these three stages, you'll be equipped with all the tools and skills needed to not only learn but also implement and grow a flourishing, purpose-driven business!

"How does this program fit into your life?"

We get it – life can get pretty busy! That's why we've designed our certification program to be flexible and convenient for you. 


Let me break it down:

What's Involved?

We've got you covered with self-directed videos, group coaching sessions, and a valuable one-on-one coaching session with Awena. This personal touch will help you conquer any mindset gremlins so you can confidently set up your new business upon completion.

Tech Support, Always:

No need to stress about the tech stuff. We've got the tech support you need to ensure everything flows smoothly.

Your Commitment:

We recommend setting aside approximately half a day a week or 90 minutes on two separate days each week. Your active participation in live sessions will help you feel fully supported and connected to your fellow trainees, and it's where you'll experience some therapeutic practices for yourself.

Community and Networking

Expect to be part of a close-knit community. There are plenty of opportunities to forge long-lasting relationships, network with like-minded individuals, and who knows, maybe even spark some exciting collaborations!

The Modules:

Our program covers a wide range of topics, from foundational knowledge to hands-on, practical skills.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll be diving into:

Module 1:

The Foundations: Practitioner skills, The Soul-Full MAMA Method & Framework, and understanding maternal wellbeing – both the science and the gap in the market.

Modules 2-7: The Soul-Full MAMA Process:

This six-step process will guide you through a healing journey with your clients. Each session introduces evidence-based practices, ensuring you deliver profound results.


Session 1-6: Cover everything from embracing maternal transformation to creating a positive plan for moving forward.

Module 8:

Applied Practice: Get ready to kickstart your practice with comprehensive business support. We cover everything from nurturing marketing for mothers to onboarding and scaling your practice, providing you with the tools you need to succeed.

So, how does all of this sound to you? 
If you have more questions or are eager to get started, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help you embark on this exciting journey!

The Soul-Full Mama® Method

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Be part of the evolution!

At the heart of our accredited Maternal Wellbeing Practitioner training programme is The Soul-Full MAMA® method.

A philosophy, a framework, a model of practice and brand new way of working with mothers. A brand new modality based upon science, psychology, human occupation and spirituality.


Packed with evidence base practices, educational information and innovative practical ways to promote mama centred whole self well being.

We will be starting our
first cohort January 29th 2024!

Will you be joining us? (£997 payment plan available) 

Join now and before nov 27th and you will receive; 

  • Success Masterplan

  • Extra coaching 1;1

  • Extended payment plan option

Book a call to apply - Limited spaces available! 

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